Laughter, sweet and sour, get together is always very short, lasted one week in Xinjiang driving through the secret trip on August 5 has been successfully completed.


In this one-week trip through, we 6 days driving more than 4000 kilometers, there are through the Tianshan Mountain Dukou highway excitement, there are from the Ma Yi Tobai to the thrill of the Qingshui River, there are Tangbra grasslands of the Hundred Mile Gallery, there are the Gobi shallows, there are rolling hills, green trees, lakes and mountains reflecting the interest of the herd of cows and sheep; crossing the western Tianshan mountains of the Yisai Shepherds Road, to see the bridge of the fruit gully with the Sayram Lake in the same frame; we take pictures! Hand that is desktop wallpaper, half of the blue sky and white clouds, half of the mountains and trees, and you in the picture.

We ate mutton and drank horsemilk wine and rode horses in the Fairy Lake campground; we sang and danced at the top of the mid-level mountain in Maiyi Tobai, and watched the sunrise in the morning and ate cake at night; we stayed in Nalati at night and tasted the farmhouse meal in Kala Yagazi; and we stayed in Qingshuihe at night and tasted high-white salmon at the shore of the Sayram Lake.

Shanghai Ruili-LIGHTLINK Display all the way to 12 years together

The exchange meeting was opened by a beautiful and touching dance. The members of this exchange meeting mainly came from China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, Xinjiang Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce, some entrepreneurs of the local performing arts equipment leasing industry in Xinjiang, and the representatives of the most important VIP customers of Shenzhen-LIGHTLINK Display from all over the country.

On the last day of this trip, the VIP customers from all over the country visited Xinjiang Yiheng, and the customers discussed in-depth exchanges with each other and sought for common development plan,LIGHTLINK display all the way with you and me.

Our journey has been arduous, challenging and joyful, with moving tears and the company of people who are not like family. We have a strong team spirit, nearly 50 people of the new group team, smooth and safe through the Tianshan Mountains, reflecting the excellent dedication, cooperation, mutual assistance, friendship and generosity of the team spirit.

In this journey, I believe that everyone has a different experience and harvest, the endless beauty of the northern border, the four seasons of the day Doku Highway, the first horseback riding brought a small injury, the cliff edge of the palm of the hand clenched out of the sweat, the walkie-talkie in the countless messages, camping tent snoring, the grasslands, the smell of fresh cattle, sheep and horse manure, galloping visibility of five meters of smoke, the grassland on the top of the birthday party! ...... I believe that every member is unforgettable.

Everything you think about is what you wish for, and there is a meeting in the mountains and the waters!

Let's look forward to our next meeting together!