Unique Flower Petal Shapes built by Lightlink Alien Series Blowing in Heze


    The incorporation of the Lightlink Alien product in flower petal shapes with strong local characteristics at the Heze Cultural Tourism Industry High-quality Development Conference Opening Ceremony in Qinglongshan Scenic Spot, Jinshan Cultural Tourism Area on April 29, 2024, added a unique and visually appealing touch to the event.

    Heze is the capital of peony. # Lightlink flower-shaped rental led screen is just the best foil for this scene, especially the show performance of peony blossom which make the peony alive.

   The versatility and integration capabilities of the Lightlink Alien series, which allows for various creative displaying solutions, make it ideal for creating memorable and engaging experiences at such events.Moreover, its full ecological design, interchangeability of LED panels and integrated power box, and ability to be stitched into different shapes like concave/convex/cube/round corner and other more creative shapes offer cost-effective and durable solutions for practical usage.